I don't want to forget....

These cheeks

and those eye lashes

and this beautiful mess

and that smile

and this face

and that determination and focus

and those little, busy hands

and that sometimes I wish I had more hands

and that confidence

and this joy

and her care free love for life

and her sense of style

how she doesn't care who's around...she WILL dance

and those curls

and their utter silliness

and that Grandpa came all the way down the stairs and Scout closed the gate for him...

to play Frisbee.


  1. I LOVE this post! Grandpa is such a good Great Grandpa! I bet he was SO happy that he could still go play with his great grand kids. Great pictures!

  2. so so sweet! the last ones with Grandpa broke my heart!! So precious:O)

  3. Grandpa is just as cute as the girls!

  4. I don't want to forget my girls, either. Thank goodness for cameras. No memory is as good as a photo.


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