The Making of a Paper Doll Part 1 - And I Need Some Input from You!

Things have finally settled down enough around here that I enjoyed a few hours of drawing today while the girls slept.  I started work on the highly requested Boy Doll.  I think I'm going to call him Brother Doll (but would love to hear some ideas from you on that).

I thought I'd share some of the process with you as go:

So here is my final you can see from my eraser marks, I was toying with shorter shorts and longer socks but ended up with this.  

Next step is to trace final lines using my trusty light board

Here he is...

However, as you can see, something is missing...the poor boy needs some HAIR

I came up with four styles:

Wavy, conservative


Afro...don't love this one..I will be tweaking and changing

this was inspired by my nieces favorite

I want to do FOUR more hairstyles.  As you know, I don't have any those of you who do or can think of any other styles that would be appropriate for a boy doll PLEASE share.  

To give you a little incentive,if I use a hairstyle you suggest, I will send you a FREE print-it-yourself boy doll with your suggested hairstyle.  Please don't be shy!


  1. You definitely need a faux-hawk. Those are big right now, from what I can tell. ;) Also, something curly, rather hobbit-ish, though maybe not quite as long.

  2. i'd agree with the faux hawk, although that may be interesting to draw, you always make everything look perfect.
    Leland usually rocks the hawk or just a short, little man cut- shorter on the sides that blends into a longer top for styling.... a more professional hawk, if you will.

    i'm loving that hobbit-like look^^ too:O)

  3. I think maybe a little 50's-ish buzz cut with little spikies in the front. Very classic boy cut. I searched and searched on line for something but couldn't find a great picture.

  4. What in the heck is a faux hawk ladies? I am clueless!

  5. my four year old loves to try and spike his hair, so something shortish and spikey and messy - like he has done it himself! So excited to see a boy doll too!

    Nic xxx

    'little man' was the name that came to my mind as soon as I saw him.

  6. Hannah, A faux-cut was what I was trying to tell you, except I called it a mohawk. It's short hair styled into a mohawk. (Like how John Canlas styles his hair, or atleast used to. I don't know if he still does.)
    Anyway, it looks so cute on little boys. Maybe I'll do my boys hair tomorrow and take pictures for you.

  7. You should do a military buzz cut, a curly (non-Afro) version, a mohawk and a straight, longer look with a part in the middle.

  8. My boys' hair is pretty short, like you can barely make a part in it. It would be nice to see something similar.

  9. I'm with your nieces. I like the final design best and think a version of this with a little longer hair in the back would go over well.

  10. I'm fond of the just-woke-up-and-my-mom-forgot-to-comb-my-hair-before-church-because-we-were-late look. Sort of a Dennis the Menace look. :)

  11. Well you know the boys in my life and you know how Micah is so sensitive about his hair :) so maybe I'll ask him for ideas. My only ideas are a summer buzz and Nigel's bed head: curly, unkempt, but still really adorable. And I guess just a shorter straight version like little Johnny's hair. Just long enough for a part and side swept front, but not long at all. Ooh, how about Alfalfa from The Little Rascals...

  12. I absolutely agree on a military-short haircut. My son is three and has been getting one for as long as he's been able to tell the lady to 'cut it all off.' He's also insanely jealous of his sister's new paper doll.

  13. I've got to tell my little sister about this blog- she has an extensive homemade paper doll collection!


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