September Outfit of the Month

Hello, Hello.  Yes I am still alive over here.  Life has changed in some exciting ways here at the Stevenson home (which I will tell you more about soon).  Until then, just thought I'd show you what those who are members of the Outfit of the Month Club got for the month of September:

I loved the poem from John Updike.  Just exactly what September means to me!  We are doing a little Preschool Co-op with some of our friends from church.  There are about five other kids that the girls get to see on Sunday and now will see twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Each mom takes a week to host it at her home and provide a little lesson and treat.  Next week I get to have it here in our home and we are going to learn all about apples and the letter "A"!

How is everything where you are? Are you into September full swing or still wishing it were Summer?  I love seeing the "First Day of School" if you've posted any, please share!


  1. Do tell! I'd love to hear your news. We're still in the moving process here, but hopefully that will be completed soon. :)

  2. I'm totally ready for cooler weather! Come on fall hurry, come fast!
    My girls LOVE their new outfits! They can't wait for me to print and cut them so they can start playing with them. Thanks!


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