Favorites on Friday

Favorite moment this week:  These two should have been sleeping, but I caught them "reading" to each other in the dark with their new "Halloween flashlights" :).

Just a few more favorites:

 I will be buying THIS album...watch the video, it looks and sounds wonderful to me.

I've been a fan of The Aesthetic Nest for a while and love what Anneliese is sharing today over at Shannon's blog.

Really want to try making these and these. Adorable and delicious...a great combination!

Speaking of delicious, check out this Halloween Recipe Round Up over at Cheeky Kitchen.

We'll be finding out soon if this little bun in my oven is a boy or girl.  If it's a boy, I think this tutorial will be a good one for a Sunday outfit.

And I'll have to take a few lessons from my sister on making the coolest costume EVER...you have to check this out...seriously.

Hope you have a Hauntingly Happy Halloween weekend!


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  1. Those Mini caramel apples look scrumptious. I'm going to have to try those. Thanks for showing all of your fav's. Love them all!


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