November Outfit of the Month

This is what all of the members of the Outfit of the Month are getting in their in boxes today.  I loved the poem by Joanna Fuchs...I'm so happy it's November!   

Oh yeah, and I also wanted to let you know that ALL of the traditions from my old Tradition Tuesday posts on my old blog are updated and done for the whole year.  Are you looking for some fun new tradition ideas?  You can check them all out here


  1. That is adorable!
    Question... can I enroll Abby in the Outfit of the Month starting in December so that it can be one of her Christmas gifts? I can wrap December's up for her as a gift. Let me know... thanks, Hannah!

  2. I Love,love,love this outfit and I love this month! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Great outfit. There will be a bunch of thrilled little girls. Don't you just love Thanksgiving time?


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