A Little Peek into my Studio

As I mentioned before, we are in the midst of trying to sell our home (baby #4 is going to make things a little tight around here).  We had some pictures taken for the listing and so I thought I'd share some of them with you to give you a glimpse of where I work and where we live our everyday.

Sorry the first photo is a little blurry, the ones they sent weren't very large...hopefully you still get the idea.

Here's the "Studio" (this is where dolls are made, outfits created, meals are eaten, where babies draw and play, where the floor needs to be swept about three times a day and get's swept about once)

 ....and  this is as clean as it will EVER be! :)

My favorite room in the house...so much went into this room as we prepared for our little miracles.  If we don't sell the house before the baby is born, we'll move Norah in here with the twins...it will be a PARTY for sure!

After these silhouettes sat for almost six months, I finally hung them about a year ago.  You can see the tutorial HERE.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed this little peek into our lives over here...at least for now.  Wanna buy a house? ;)


  1. What a delightful tour of your home! Thank you for allowing your followers a glimpse into your lives. Your home is lovely and it is fun to see where all of the 'action' takes place.

  2. You guys have done a lot of work on your kitchen and it looks GREAT! I know what you mean about sweeping. And you have it times 3! Good luck selling!

  3. I love the new bar stools. They add so much. And of course the twins bedroom.

  4. Love the sneak peek. Glad I'm not the only one working in the hub of the house :) Thx for your comment today. How you feeling? Luv ya too.

  5. The twins' room is very cute. We just moved our girls around (middle daughter now with the baby and oldest on her own), so I need inspiration. The poor thing is almost 19 months old and has been sleeping in a room with just a crib, a rug, and a glider. Not even any wall decorations to "stimulate" her. So sad!

  6. gorgeous! you have everything organized so well:O)
    i love the family silhouettes! i may have to give those a shot!


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