An Afternoon of Drawing...

What an awesome day!  The girls all wanted to draw and color today and they actually stayed busy doing it long enough for me to finish this little Valentine girl (and then, are you ready? They slept for 2 hours).  I'm working on making a few things to sell for Valentines Day and this is one of them.  I love her socks and her braids remind me of a girl I knew in grade school.  She always wore her hair like this and I always thought she was so pretty. :)


  1. Hannah! She looks like my older daughter. I actually did her hair like this yesterday. :) I love it.

  2. favourite way to do my daughters hair too
    So sweet

  3. Hooray for kids who "actually" stay busy drawing and letting us do what we want (or need) to do, then nap for 2 hours.
    I think I know what girl you are talking about with hair like that. I too thought she was cute.
    I always wanted my hair like that but it wasn't long enough.
    Love your Valentine girl!

  4. Very cute Hannah. You are so talented.

  5. Your drawing is very cute. That hairstyle is like the historical doll Kirstin from American Girl.


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