Favorites on Friday...The Spoonflower Addition

Oh my, I am having quite a time trying to find fabric I like for a little boy!  I just can't bring myself to do skulls or sports balls or trucks yet.  It is so easy with girls....so many choices.  I spent two hours at the fabric store today looking for fabrics to use for some pods I plan to make for this little guy and his cousin.  I found some OK fabric but nothing I am giddy about.  If only I had an extra $150 to spend on fabric from Spoonflower ( I may break down and have to buy a few yards because seriously people there is some awesome stuff over there)!  At least I can share some of my favorite artists with you (p.s. Chris did send me the cutest robot fabric that I am giddy about and just trying to decide what to use it for...I'll keep you posted):

Love the sun fabric from Amy King and her London fabric is just awesome.

Heather Dutton's work is adorable.

Susanne Firmenich's "Play with Me" print is on my wish list as well as some of the other folk art fabric...beyond adorable.

I am swooning over everything trois miettes has to offer...seriously so great.

Katty Neill has some great stuff too. I really like the tree circle fabric.

Love the color Ann Tuck uses in her designs...so bright and rich.

Cindy Lindgren's patterns are simple and just lovely too. I'm loving the pea pod pattern and the thistle.

And we end with Tara Put, whose work can be summed up in three words... AWE  MAZE INC.  Seriously.

Hope you are enjoying your Friday and that your weekend is even better!  XXOO Hannah


  1. I checked that site out years ago. Might have to go look again (though I surely can't afford to!)

  2. Oh, so hard to pick! I know what you mean about little boy fabrics. I wanted to do my sons room in puppy dogs, but ALL they had back then were those big headed dogs. Yuck for a baby room!

    So wish I had spoonflower 6 years ago! I ended up with snoopy, which wasn't bad, but not what I wanted. NOW, they have tons of puppy fabrics!

    Good luck!


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