Christmas Glimpses

I know, I know it's January 12th and here I am posting about Christmas!  I hope this doesn't give you the feeling seeing Christmas trees still in peoples homes or lights still lit in February gives me.:)  But I thought you might indulge me:

The start of our newest tradition:  We gave each of the girls an ornament to put on the tree.  They will get a new one every year to open when it's time to decorate the Christmas tree.  My mom had this little tree up and ready for us when we got to Reno. Thanks Mom!

Daddy helping Norah.  
Her ornament was so cute...a little chubby snow baby angel with wings that says "Joy".  
Spending one of many late nights working on gifts that I didn't get done before we left.
We gave the twins little Melissa and Doug play house/barn so I made little peg dolls for them to play with inside their houses/barn.  They were so fun to make and the girls actually like them. (bonus) :)
Grandma adding the finishing touch to the girls' church Christmas outfits.  
Notice Norah's black eye...she ran into a chest and had a cute little shiner for about four days. 
That's just a precious picture.
and that one too.
I love this picture.  Everyone leaving for church.
One of Maisy's first tastes of the magic of Christmas

The beautiful lady behind it all.  I wish I could jump through this screen and hug her.  Thanks for EVERYTHING Mom (isn't she cute?)! 
These kids couldn't get enough of Grandpa

Frosted Windowpanes !!!!
and then there's death...or The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come (aka Sarah...and it looks like she has plans for my youngest brother, her husband, Cedric).
He doesn't seem to mind...I guess I'd better cousin Jessica (who is living with my parents helping to care for Grandma Dahl) invited us all to a Charles Dickens party...we were also invited to dress up as a character from one of his books/writings.  So Cedric was the Ghost of Christmas Present...let's just say this man was made for this costume.
The happy couple
Jeff lookin' good and wondering how he ever got himself into this crazy family.
Camille looking great
Some yummy fruit...
Checkin' in on the Wassail
No matter what I do, blogger is NOT going to let me turn this picture the right way.  But I still had to post this.   
A little peasant girl complete with no shoes...Don't you just want to bring her inside and keep her warm?!
This is what Grandma did most of the time...I hope she had turned down her hearing aids at this was a loud/crazy house most of the time. She was a trooper and smiled a lot.She'll be 94 this year.
Some other crazy characters.  What? You didn't know that Charles Dickens wrote Batman?!
Enjoying the food. 

I think we were The Crachits...
Then there's this guy who I think enjoyed dressing up almost as much as Cedric.
Jessica's dress was amazing.  She sewed it herself...seriously cool.  One little note, this is really what my dad sleeps in.  He's had this particular gown for years now...I think the hat is new. One of the many reasons I love him.
My brother Micah doing a very convincing Jacob Marley
Just a fraction of the spread...seriously so much amazing food.
My other brother Jordan...I don't know who he was?  Fezziwig?  .

The next day Grandpa took all of the '07-'08 generation on a little ride.  They LOVED it!

Scout and Laurel getting in some quality cousin time as well as Norah and Rebeca...
sharing some food.

The view one morning...

My one and only sister Britta and her family came Christmas Eve.  Her birthday is a couple of days before Christmas so we celebrated a little late with a Birthday Breakfast.
I got her a Silhouette machine. This girl never asks for anything people so when she said one day that all she wanted was a Silhouette I knew I had to get it somehow (thanks Paper Dolls).  Her reaction was so was the highlight of my holiday! :)

Christmas Eve program...Grandpa looking very festive (and blurry...sorry)

Calvin and Britta played a great duet
Nigel recited the whole "Twas the Night Before Christmas" seriously amazing!
Jordan and Ruth did a cute story that required bells to be rung at every  time they said "Rudolph", I think?  I had to put this picture of Maisy doing the face that she only does when she's overwhelmed by excitement...She usually opens her mouth like that and then shakes her arms really's hilarious and a little disturbing. :)

I love this face...the end.

That night the girls opened their Christmas Eve pajama's and slippers

 The best shot we could get that night (why or why didn't I brush through my hair!).  
recognize the slippers?
 Norah kissed Grandpa probably twenty times that night...she loves to kiss on the lips!
 heading to bed
 Our Christmas tree on Christmas Eve
 Christmas morning!  I think we could have just done stockings and they would have been thrilled.  They were so happy..
 Maisy with her barn complete with animals and a family of farmers (oh yeah and Snow White)
 Norah loving her pop up toy
 Laurel loving her little house complete with wood furniture and a couple of families (and Cinderella don't forget)
 After each family had their little Christmas together we all headed upstairs to this!

 Fun, fun fun.
Maisy got a Pooh Bear from Grandma...LOVED it.  

There is just a 10th of what actually happened.  It was such a fun great that the twins "got it" a lot more this year...I can't wait for next year to really start some traditions and see what they learn from it all.

Thanks for indulging me.  Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and hope your year has been great so far!


  1. Oh how fun, Hannah!! I love all of the pictures. It looks like a wonderful Christmas! I love the girls' matching nighties!

  2. What a wonderful family you have! You all look like you had the best time ever. Love the girls' nightgowns, too!!


  3. What a magical Christmas you all had. I loved enjoying the pictures. Thank you for sharing them.

  4. I love the look of those tall thin style trees (Alpine trees?). Your Dickens themed party looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Could you share what kind of trees those are? Or how they are they made? I love the idea of having a few smaller trees throughout the house (especially if I could make them:)


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