October Outfit of the Month

If I were a witch upon a big switch
A-riding through the air,
I'd fly all around then drop to the ground
And give you quite a scare! 

The crisp feeling of Fall is in the air here, up in the hills of Sparks, Nevada.  The last few days we have heard the wind whipping against the house.  It is howling right now as I type.  I keep thinking baby Ollie is awake because it sounds a bit like a crying baby. :) 

 Today the girls and I discussed what everyone would like to be for Halloween.  They keep changing their minds.  We have discussed butterflies, Disney characters, mummies, flowers.  But I think over all they want to be princesses. Not a big shocker.  Laurel especially spends most of her day rearranging baby blankets into elaborate princess dresses.  Maisy spends most of her time coloring or drawing princesses. Norah has been the official "Prince" and is usually willing to play the role.  She walks around proudly saying "I'mna Pince!"  Ollie, I'm afraid will have no choice in the matter when he reaches an appropriate age. :)

  The days are getting shorter and the nights a bit longer.  I know there are many who hate for summer to end but for me, it is always welcome!  I LOVE AUTUMN.  Everything about it. The most beautiful autumns in my life have been while doing a church mission in Connecticut and Rhode Island.  The trees looked like they were on fire.  I still have the vivid picture in my mind of riding my bike with the cool autumn air against my rosy cheeks and fallen leaves flying up on each side of me.  My life was full of physical work, service and love.  That, was heaven.

What do you love about fall?  Do you have any fun Halloween costumes planned? Tell me dear readers.


  1. My Halloween birthday girl is going to LOVE this one!!! And I have NO IDEA what we are going to be yet!!

  2. I LOVE the new outfit! As far as what I love about fall, the temperature gets to a very comfortable place in South Texas! Cool enough to be pleasant but not cold enough to be Christmas :) Our two little girls are going to be a fairy princess (the 3 yr old) and a ladybug (the 1 yr old). Should be fun!

  3. I adore fall. We have our anniversary, the weather is perfect, the fall colors are gorgeous...it's my favorite time of the year.

  4. I love fall too! This week has been so nice. We've had rain and cloud cover so far and the kids actually had to wear jackets/long sleeves. I love this time of year!
    As for halloween custumes....Dallin is gonna be Link (from Zelda), Calvin is gonna be a..well it changes, either a ninja, transformer, or a army man from Halo. Elsa is gonna be Kit Kittredge, and Abby is gonna be a girl spider...but that might change too. LOL!

  5. Love this outfit! I love Halloween and fall. I love the colors and I love fall clothes.

  6. the crisp air hitting my lungs.
    the need for a blanket on the bed.
    foliage says, "We can do so much more than just green."
    the bugs go into hiding.
    caramel apple cider.
    wind gusts.
    brainstorming holiday ideas.
    leaves crunching under my feet when I walk.
    fires burning in fireplaces.
    watching in my rear-view mirror the leaves get kicked up by my car- like some luxury car commercial.


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