So, We Bought A House Today...

 I don't think I've written here that we decided that instead of just doing the easy thing and buying a house in Boise, Idaho, we'd hire someone to build one!  

This is what our lives have looked like for most of the summer. Jeff, me and usually my mom looking at house plans, making decisions and planning, planning, planning. 

  It's no easy thing, building a house hundreds of miles away from where it will be but thanks to our friends, Tara and Dave Neilson (they convinced us to move there in the first place, along with a lot of prayers of course), we had weekly updates and all the pictures we could ask for.

Finally today, the house is done and it is ours!  I don't have all-the-way-done pictures yet (I'll take some when we get there next week) but these will be nice to remember and will give you an idea.  
 Looking down from the second floor

 The view from the back...the main reason we decided on this plot.  I hope that neighbor never moves and always keeps his yard looking that awesome.
 Entry way view
 So excited to have a fireplace, even more excited that we will be there in time to hang stockings on it this year! :)

 Most exciting thing about the kitchen?  Subway tiles!  Least exciting thing, counter tops.  We just couldn't stomach spending double what we should on counter tops through the builder.  My plan is to redo all of the dark counter tops in  a deep walnut and then do a nice marble looking slate/quartz for the light counter tops...someday!  Until then, I think they look fine.

2nd most exciting thing(s) about the kitchen: window cabinets and walk-in pantry!
 My favorite thing about the outside = them.  I used to dream of a house with shakes when I was in Connecticut and Rhode Island.  I just love the texture and depth.  Oh, and notice the bottom window in the right hand side of your screen.  That's the window seat we had put glad we did that.
 Master bathroom...don't know what was going on with that drawer on the right and have no clue what I'm going to do with the space in the middle. :)

There are many more photos but they are all in PDF form so I'll have to do a house tour when we get there.  I must say that it is all such a dream right now and I can't believe we are actually going to live here.  But we week!

In the meantime, I'd better get back to packing!

P.S. My parents have been so amazing through this whole process.  They have loved us and taken care of our girls while we traveled to and from Boise to make important decisions, spent long hours helping us make plans and listened to endless conversations about kitchen cabinets, paint colors, etc. Oh yeah and WE HAVE BEEN LIVING WITH THEM FOR ALMOST 9 MONTHS!  That was definitely not our plan when we came but none of this could have ever happened without that fact.  Their support, love and confident encouragement have really made this dream of ours come true.

More to come!


  1. Congrats! The house is BEAUTIFUL and I'm terribly jealous... On a different note, BOISE!
    I have to throw in a plug here, because my uncle owns the best restaurant in all of Boise and you need to go check it out - Buffalo Gal (

  2. Awesome Hannah! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new house. You are going to love living there. Isn't that spot in the master bath for a cute little chair?

  3. Hannah!! It's beautiful!! I LOVE it -- so happy for you!! (and I love your parents too - they are awesome! They will miss you!)


  4. Gorgeous! I know you will enjoy your new home. I think that space in the master bathroom needs one of those cute little vanity chairs (think I've seen them at Home Goods) and would be a great spot for you to use to put on your make up!

  5. oh your kitchen is beautiful!!! Oh my goodness. I think you said that you were going to have a craft room too. I can't wait to see what you do with that. and the yard! Your kids are going to love it!

  6. Congrats Hannah! Also wanted to thank you for the daughters of royal birth printable I snagged from your blog. Just hung it in the dolly's room! Love your choices in the kitchen, we have similar colors in ours.;)

  7. What a beautiful house! You are going to be so happy there. I bet you can't wait to'll be so fun!

  8. Beautiful home!!! Congratulations guys!

  9. Wahoo! The only thing that makes me a bit sad is that we missed being in Boise at the same time. What a wonderful place to raise your kidlets. :)

  10. Oh, I'm so excited for you and your family!!! What an amazing house! I'm sure it must have been stressful trying to pick out colors and whatnot, but it looks like you did a fabulous job! And that view!!! Wow! I'm coming to visit one of these years. Congratulations!! And good luck with the move. :o)

  11. Good luck with the move. Our family loves living in meridian. We hope yours enjoys the area as well.

  12. Hip Hip Hooray! I love it Hannah! Beautiful house for a beautiful family. XOXOXO

  13. Hannah...your new home is GORGEOUS! Enjoy it!

  14. Yay for you guys! Your home is beautiful. I love the subway tile in the kitchen. That's next on my list for my kitchen too. You have great taste! I hope your move goes well and the transition is easy for your family. Good luck to you.

  15. Indeed. Building a house is great. The time spent creating that home sweet home is very special, especially with the anticipation it creates. Moving in there delivers; you found a good area to live in, so cheers!

    Calvin Mordarski

  16. Seeing how you built your house from scratch makes me admire you and the house itself all the more. I know it’s not a joke to do all of those. You probably endured back-breaking mornings and afternoons sawing wood, hammering nails and many other laborious tasks. But I guess that’s what makes your house really special, knowing that it’s really the product of your own hard work.

    Deron Tucker


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