Doll Diaries: Elsa and Abby in Vegas!

 Today's Doll Diaries features a day in the life of Elsa and Abby with their paper dolls in their hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada!  Here is Britta (their mom) with Elsa, Abby and their paper dolls. 

First, we went with our Mom and Dad to pick out new bar stools.  

Our paper dolls were such big helpers.  
They told us which ones were the most comfortable and which ones were not.  

Oh yeah, and we tried out some of the other furniture as well.  

We then went to Target and ate some lunch.  
I think our dolls wanted some food, but they're just paper.  Hehehe!

Then, we headed home.  We didn't realize how tired we were because on the way we fell asleep.  

Sounds like a tiresome day, Abby and Elsa!  Thanks for sharing your adventures with us! 

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  1. Cute! I love the pictures you chose! That was a fun day to share with their paper dolls. Thanks!


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