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Since we have three that are preschool age, I decided to do my own Preschool at home this year.  It has been so rewarding!  Some days are harder then others, but I have tried not to over think it and it really has been nice to have a schedule and some planned time together.

We start out the day with "Calendar Time" (I still want to add a little scripture time and singing time to this part but haven't organized myself that far yet), then we move on to our "Table Time".  Table Time usually consists of a fun craft and practicing reading and writing our alphabet.  When all of the kids are busy, I take one of the girls out into the other room and we read about three or four books together.  When that child is done, she tells one of the other sisters it's her turn.  I've loved the time with each child individually on my lap.  They have all for the most part been pretty respectful of one anothers' "special time with Mom".   Ollie joins us occasionally but is usually napping during this time which helps.

Anyway, I thought I'd share a little craft we did the other day...so simple but really brought out their creativity and kept them busy for a while.  We made puzzles!
 Pretty easy, just note cards taped together on the back

 I know you are shocked that Norah chose to draw kitties.

Laurel, Princesses and a Prince

 Maisy asked me to start her off with a daisy...

Once they were done, it was time to put them back together...

 Proud Maisy!  

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