Making a Mess and a Winner

 Another Table Time favorite:

 For practicing letters
 Making some pictures

 Or just making a mess!

* Cheap shaving cream

And we have a winner!!!!


Thanks for all of your confirmed my love for all things Fall! 

P.S. Call for Doll Diary entries.  If you send us a few pictures of your child's paper doll doing things around the house or around town, you will get a free doll package!  Just email your entry to Brittany at


  1. Fun, fun! I didn't know shaving cream could be that fun! My nieces and nephew are so cute!

  2. We did this a few weeks ago, too. It was one of my favorite activities when I was in kindergarten. My son immediately started "washing" his hair. It was hilarious, and everything smelled great afterward.


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