So Much to Tell You About...

Wow, it has been a little bit of a ride these past few weeks!

Trying to get the word out about the paper dolls, I've contacted some really great ladies and asked if I could send them some dolls to talk about on their blogs. I was so happily surprised by the response and it has been so fun to create dolls for many of their daughters. You can check some of the latest posts here, here, here, here and here if you are interested.  There will be more later on in the month too which is just plain wonderful.

So what else has been going on behind the scenes here at Lily&Thistle, you ask?  Exciting stuff.

First of all, I just added two new outfit lines to the shop:

 Girls in Literature Line.  This was so fun for me.  I love every one of these characters so much.  I really feel like some of them shaped the girl I was and the woman I am turning out to be.  My hope is that mom's and daughters will play with these together and talk about these amazing characters and maybe even read the books they come from.

The Summer Line.  I had a lot of fun creating these outfits too.  I'm SO ready for summer and so are the girls.  We are supposed to have rain the rest of this week but FINALLY 80 degree weather this weekend.  HOORAY!

The June outfit of the month dress was so fun to make on the day it SNOWED here in Utah (that would be May 27th to be exact!):

 All those who are members of the Outfit of the Month Club got it in their in box yesterday. I'm so excited for July's outfit!

Second, I have a new assistant! It feels strange to call her this since she also happens to be my beloved sister-in-law, Camille Anderson.  I am so excited to introduce her to all of you later on this week.  She has been so supportive and enthusiastic about this project and it means so much to me to know she's "got my back".  So stay tuned for that introduction!

I want to thank the Dahl sisters again for sharing some glimpses of wisdom and perspective with us. I really enjoyed each of their posts, didn't you? We have some other great women coming up and some more "All About Me" spotlights.

OK, I think that is about all for now. Thanks for reading and caring about what's happening over here.  It really means a whole lot to me.



  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the new outfits. So cute! You're so talented! I can't wait to introduce the "girls in literature" to my girls and start reading about them. I also know that they will love the summer line and June outfit. They'll probably want a dress just like that:)
    I also loved the Dahl sister's post's and look forward to read more!

  2. The new outfits are adorable - I cant wait for my little one to get a bit older to buy her a set (or two). (Although Im considering getting them now and framing a few for her wall!)

    Nic xxx

  3. the girls in literature line is PERFECTION!!! i'm so so so in love!
    i want to order a set/doll for my Emory but i think i should wait until she's a bit older, so she can help pick--- please make sure you stick around!

  4. the new outfits are DARLING! and i've been seeing these dolls ALL over cyberspace, yay! how cool. hopefully you're seeing some good traffic in your store. i'm headed there now...:)

  5. So cute! Olivia loves hers and I will be blogging about them on Friday!!

    And I am going to have to order the summer clothes! SO FUN!

  6. Hi Hannah,

    I am awestruck by your blogs, your darling girls and your fabulous paper dolls!!! My boys are 20 and 16 and God didn't bless me with a girl. But I have a 7-year-old niece who would just love these! I'm going to stop by your store and see how to order/buy. So glad you stopped by my blog!



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